Ipswich Dominates Brisbane Property Market

Published 13th December 2012
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Ipswich city council building

Some of our survey work over recent years has come from the Ipswich region. The Ripley Valley project is promising to deliver much of the Ipswich region's growth over the next decade and beyond. It is comforting to see that the property market in Ipswich has been growing from strength to strength. According to an article I was reading this week in the Property Observer...

There’s no other instance where one corner of a metropolitan area so totally dominates the capital growth rankings.

- Property Observer article

Back in the 90's land in Ipswich was very cheap, but now we are starting to see some phenomenal growth in house prices and also in the general popularity of the region. This is due in part to the comparative affordability of the region compared to Brisbane as well as the many developments that have been happening in the region.

  • Darra to Springfield Rail Line - estimated to be finished by 2013
  • Ipswich motorway finished a 2.8 billion upgrade
  • Many commercial developments all across Springfield as a city centre
  • Numerous property developments throughout the whole region in general

Did you know? - Ipswich has about the same area of land as Brisbane, but only 1/5th the population at 252 000.

- 2011 CENSUS

It is little wonder why the area features so heavily in Queensland Government's plans for future developments!

As we all know Ipswich was really hit hard by the floods a couple of years ago. With all the growth in the region I would like to remind people how important it is to survey any property prior to purchasing. Check with Council's Flood Maps where the property is situated. If there is not enough information, you may wish to have a survey carried out to relate your land to AHD datum and plot the Q100 flood line. The last thing you want to find out after purchasing your property is that your land is on a flood plain or was affected by the 1974 or 2011 flood events . If you or someone you know are purchasing in Ipswich, tell them to contact us a call to have the land surveyed first to ensure your boundaries are correctly fenced and to ensure your are clear of flood waters. This will provide you peace of mind.

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